Schedule your Visit to the Food Pantry

Before you can sign up for a pantry visit at the Ozaukee Food Alliance, you will need to have an account. If you don’t already have one, please click here to create an account.

Our regular pantry is open on alternating Thursdays and Saturdays. Our mini pantry is open on Tuesdays.

We are located at 166 W. Dekora Street in Saukville, WI. Click for directions.

When you arrive at the Parkside Community United Church of Christ, park your car and enter the doors by the carport and you’ll be greeted by a volunteer who will check you in.  When they’re ready, they’ll send you downstairs to the Pantry with a shopping cart, where you’ll be greeted again by a volunteer who will accompany you to the Pantry.  You’ll check in with yet another smiling volunteer and then you’ll choose what you like and what you need from various categories with your escort helping you with our family-size based quantity guidelines (Just making sure we have enough to serve all who need our help!).  (We are happy to help with special dietary needs as well — just ask!)

On “regular” pantry days, you’ll have a chance to choose shelf-stable foods (canned veggies, pastas, cereals, soups) as well as fresh bakery, fresh fruits and vegetables, pre-made meals, and frozen meats and fish. On mini-pantry days, we’ll skip the shelf-stable foods and focus on fresh bakery, fruits and veggies, and frozen proteins.

After you’ve made all your choices, you’ll head back upstairs where a volunteer will ask you to pull your car around and help you load all those great groceries.  If it’s a Saturday, you are welcome to join us for the Community Meal after you shop (or, grab a meal to-go)!

You may visit the “regular” pantry once per month, and are welcome to visit the mini-pantry weekly if you can use it.